Historical background


Platfarm Inc., the company behind Gall3ry, has demonstrated its expertise in visual communication through the success of Mojitok and Zookiz. Platfarm has established itself as a Web2 powerhouse and completed a successful Series A investing round with investors including Samsung Ventures, Infobank and others.


Emoji platform with AI-powered text analytics Global & Regional SDK/API Partners Samsung Galaxy, Google Gboard, WhatsApp, ZALO 300 million+ global active users 41 billion+ monthly impressions 200,000+ GIF stickers powered by advanced AI technology 10,000+ Creators generating creative stickers.

Zookiz / Mbitz

Zookiz is a character content startup established by Platfarm Inc., the operator of character emoticon solutions (global partnerships such as Samsung, Google, and Telcom), targeting Vietnam and other Asian character markets. To spearhead into the global character market, we developed major messenger emoticon items for each country and established an overseas branch in the center of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, starting with the United States in 2018. Zookiz characters are the top 3 characters with 520 million sticker pack downloads on Vietnam's No. 1 messenger app Zalo and have over 500,000 followers on SNS. After continuing to expand into commercial character development, webtoon, and animation contents, we have signed IP licensing contracts such as fashion, stationery, and book publishing, and are recently expanding to broadcast TV/OTT animation and launch flagship stores.

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