Use case summarize

Profile - Web3 social identity

Within Gall3ry on-chain social platform, an identity is manifested through a Profile (Profil3). From on-chain to off-chain data - for example, Twitter activities - we map all of them to one holistic identity. Through Profile, users can create a link-in-bio URL to show the on-chain presence in both Web2 and Web3 environments. We consider this is a feature which can The Profile will be serves as a place for users who want to share content/ story or find their like-minders. Our team thrive to build an user-friendly interface which handles a smooth experience when entering the platform for both users in Web2 or Web3 space.

Dynamic content

With the emerging wave of dynamic content like video, audio on Web2 platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, we believe that there is the demand lying in the expression of any user, including the Web3 users. Thus, we create features that can handle the need of sharing contents and ideas. Each profile could create a new piece of content in the form of a post just like that on Twitter or Medium. However, by having those posts live on Gall3ry protocol, these posts become web3 native instrument for community engagement and financialization through users collecting those posts.


Connection is the key to link together all identity on Gall3ry society. In Gall3ry platform, this could be highly-customized and be used to any social connection like following, subscribing, donating and many others.

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