OG Badge NFT

What is OG Badge NFT?

Gall3ry OG Badge NFT is the type of NFT Inventory that is designed to reward our earliest and most dedicated users with exclusive perks and opportunities.

Since our inception, Gall3ry has been focused on fostering a sense of community through the curation and ownership of NFTs. By creating the OG Badge NFT for our community.

In what blockchain that the OG Badge NFT is issued?

Update till June 2023, we have issued the OG Badge in Polygon.

The next OG Badge round on other blockchains will be announced soon.

How to spot an account with the OG Badge on Gall3ry?

The OG Badge symbol will be presented right below the name of each Profil3.

What marketplace I can check on the OG Badge?

For the Polygon OG Badge, you can check on the NFTs on Opensea.

Link: https://opensea.io/kr/collection/gall3ry

How many OG Badge NFTs are in total?

The total supply of Polygon OG Badge NFT is 200.

What are OG Badge NFT Benefits?

The OG Badge NFT collection on Polygon is the membership ticket to join the Gall3ry initial community. Holding the OG Badge on Polygon gives you exclusive privileges to join the Beta Test of Gall3ry product and be able to mint NFTs early on Gall3ry in the next drop.

The benefits for early holders of the OG Badge collection on the other blockchains will be delivered with exclusive benefits, including the special space for NFT owners, a high chance to boost up on the ranking system, early access to the NFT drops and other features, free access to the future giveaway and many more.

Owning the OG Badge NFT on Polygon will let you have a higher chance of receiving the OG Badge on the other blockchains.

How can I claim OG Badge NFT?

Follow our Quest campaign which will be announced on our Twitter channel to get more information.

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