The owner-generate-only dynamic web3 content

Stories are posted directly to a user's Profile; this ensures that all story created by a user remains user-owned and in their wallet. Our approach in building “Story” based on fundamental principles: User friendly experience, scalable and the most important part, entertainment.

On-chain template posting

We provide templates to share your idea to the outside world in a nutshell. The poll and voting function also helps users to check on the community’s opinion about a NFT asset or any action that you are considering to “on-chain”. This helps any Web3 participant get easily to interact with the others while remain secure. With a variety of story templates and content that can only be created by the owners of digital assets, users can find trusted content that they can't find anywhere else, and owners can fully enjoy the ownership and reward & benefit that was missing in the old Web 2 world.

Poll is a interaction content format that can bring up the engagement from users to users. Any user who has Profile can create a post to let others vote for the preference. The hype, the fomo and also community preference can be seen to better product execution.

Sticker and animations

Template includes stickers and animations to make your NFT more outstanding among others. The dynamic form of story content ensures the engagement of NFT posting, also shows the taste of the owners, thus encourages the emotional factor of owning the asset.

How to post on Gall3ry?

Step 1: On your Gall3ry, click 'Enter comments'.

Step 2: Write anything that you have in your mind.

Step 3: Click on the 'Post' button.

Step 4: Click on the (+) button if you want to use Template.

Step 5: On the list of Template, scroll down and choose Template based on your favor.

Step 6: Choose NFT that links to Template and post.

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