What is Profile?

Gall3ry gives you your own social Profile based on your digital assets, your ownership, on Web3. Users can create their own Web3 profile space, independent of any specific blockchain or wallet. On Gall3ry, anyone with an interest in digital assets can create a profile and connect with other owners through the current and past of their digital ownership.

Gall3ry profile information

  • User name.

  • NFT Badges (NFT Inventory)

  • Blockchain Icon

  • Total number of NFTs

  • Collections that users have the most NFT

  • Number of HITs

  • Number of Clap

  • Number of Share

Profile statistic

  • Hits : The number of people who have visited your Gall3ry in 30 days.

  • Claps: The number of people who have appreciate your Gall3ry Profile

  • Share: The number of people who share your Gall3ry Profile

How to create your Profile?

Step 1

Go to on your Web Browser.

Step 2

Click on “Claim your Gall3ry” button.

Step 3

Make sure you already have your Web3 Wallet extension on your Browser. We are now support Ethereum, Solana and Polygon wallets.

Step 4

Sign in with your Wallet. Signing in request will not trigger any blockchain transaction or cost any gas fee.

Step 5

Now you will have your own Gall3ry Profile that shows all of your NFTs.

Step 6

Edit your Profile. You can link any Web2 social media channels including Twitter, Discord or Instagram.

Step 7

While blockchain is transparent, there are still assets that collectors want to show, also want to hide from the public. Users on Gall3ry can easily curate which NFT that they want to show off and manage the portfolio based on their personal preferences with multichain support.

In the right corner, you can see the "Hide NFT" option. Click on the Hide NFT option and select which NFT that you want to show or hide on your Profile.

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