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Link-in-bio Hub

Link to your NFT collections on any blockchain in one place. Show your Web3 community where to find you. Gall3ry offers a comprehensive Web3 link-in bio solution to help distinguish yourself from others by seamlessly connecting your NFT gallery to the Web3 Link-in-bio hub. We helps present NFT collection to your community and establish users’ identity on the blockchain, simplify sharing by utilizing a single, easy-to-use link for all content.
Users can also custom domain to make Web3 identity branded and more customized for instant recognition.
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on the "Edit your profile" button
Step 3: Scroll down to "Nickname" and "Gall3ry Name". Edit your name based on your preference. You can change it every 30 days.
Step 4: Click "Done" to save changes.
Step 5: Click on the "Share" button on your main profile.
Step 6: Get your link. Put the link to any of your Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok bio
Step 7: Show-off your digital assets to others