Blockchain architect

Our chain agnostic profile service shows NFTs of various chains and wallet addresses in one profile link with the following technologies.

Blockchain-agnostic solutions are not tied to a specific blockchain and are therefore compatible with many different blockchains.

Wallet based Authentication

  • Gall3ry Profile Server uses Sign-in with Ethereum (ERC-4361) protocol and others(sign-in with Solana etc) to verify address ownership.

  • (Create a user account based on UUID when connecting the wallet for the first time.)

  • Adding new chain/wallet connection to user account also use Sign-in with Ethereum (ERC-4361) protocol and others(sign-in with Solana etc).

NFT Indexer : Obtain a list of NFT assets held by each connected wallet

In EVM-based chains such as Ethereum and Polygon, the ownership information of individual assets is stored in the contract address. This storage structure makes it difficult to check the list of all NFTs held by a specific address. Gall3ry NFT indexer guarantees the consistency of ownership changes on the chain and its own ownership index DB by reading the recently created block information and updating the current NFT holding list for NFT contracts with changes in ownership.

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