NFT Collection

Curating your assets to represents our tastes and preferences

"Nice Fam"

“Nice fam” is a collection that visualizes the high community satisfaction of NFT projects. This collection provides a sense of community belonging. Each “Nice Fam” NFT collection has a color and background that is connected with the NFT project’s graphic identity and the Gall3ry user who created the collection card will be highlighted as a contribution mark!

“My fav”

“My fav” is a collection for Gall3ry users to flex their favorite NFTs and express their emotion with these NFTs with the Gall3ry graphic stickers collection. “My Fav” for NFT holders’ favorite pieces from any collection! This function of Gall3ry shows them like a paper of note, with NFTs metadata including NFT name, NFT collection name, price, fluctuation percent, and created date… NFT holders can “flex” their NFT information or other users can know more about other NFTs.

How to create an NFT Collection

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